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Smart Green Shipping. Brand Story Framework.


As a new and emerging business in the clean tech industry, Smart Green Shipping needed help to create a unique identity through brand messaging and tone of voice.


Originating as a small start-up business, key messages were created for different audiences and this created disparity across their overall message and they found it difficult to find the right balance.

We worked closely with Smart Green Shipping to fully immerse ourselves into the business, researching and understanding the clean tech sector and conducting interviews with key business members to create the Smart Green Shipping Brand Story Framework. This framework provided them with the necessary messaging hierarchy, tone of voice and brand values to laser in on a strategy that will transform the way the company presents itself.


Smart Green Shipping have introduced their brand story framework to all stakeholders within the business, they are beginning to implement their new messaging and tone across their website and associated assets through creative techniques.

Working with PlanetShine is a real joy. The team took a high level view of our work, helped us untangle our various narratives, quickly became familiar with the nuances of our industry and created a clear, powerful story for us that now underpins all of our new communications work.

Diane Gilpin, Founder and CEO