Our goal is simple

To use film to light up the world and build a better future for all species.

Film is the answer… so what’s the question?

Since time began, we have been sitting round campfires telling stories, but over the past two hundred years, particularly the last fifty years – known as the Great Acceleration – the planet has changed beyond all recognition.

The Industrial Revolution sparked some of the greatest advancements for humanity and, thinking specifically about our own industry of film, enabled the Golden Age of cinema. However, the industrialisation of the planet has caused all kinds of chaos (not mentioning any names here but the Green Revolution was arguably one of the biggest offenders), especially with reference to nature… and that’s our sweet spot. Nature is at the core of everything we do; we believe that brands that embed a Nature Positive mission throughout their business will be the ones that continue to grow and flourish.

So what could be better than using film to help our clients grow their brands whilst also telling entertaining and inspiring stories that could plant the seed of hope and change in the minds of the masses?

We believe that a lot of small changes are the key. Starting with brands that have the customer bases, media channels and budgets to get their voices heard on a large scale – and a team of people like us.

We’ve already helped a heap of brands find their Brand Story, and for us that’s just the start. If you’re armed with good intentions, unshakeable commitment and the ambition to boost behaviour change for the good of all, then you are absolutely in the right place.

Independent and agile, our small yet mighty film company is full to the brim with creativity and filmmaking expertise born of longstanding careers making everything from TV commercials to feature films and music videos. And it’s a huge claim but we guarantee you that there is nobody better than us when it comes to film.

So the question is; are you ready to take the world by storm with film?

Meet our brand story and film experts who’ll help you win hearts and minds.

A healthy mix of marketing maestros, strategy buffs, creative wizards and award winning producers, at Planet Shine we all share a common love for the world around us – and thrive on using our different perspectives and voices to look after it.

Rachel McClelland

CEO & Founder


Founder and CEO of Planet Shine, Rachel is a filmmaker whose career spans feature films, music videos and branded content. Driven by her passion for animal rights, eco feminism and anarchist systems, Rachel focuses on creative projects that make a difference.

Julian Borra

Creative Director


After a 25 year career in advertising which began at Leo Burnett and culminated in five years as Group Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi and as Executive Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi S (their sustainability arm), Julian decided he wanted to use his expertise to guide agencies and brands in terms of their purpose. A successful creative writer, strategist and published author, he continues to advise the likes of Saatchi and Ridley Scott’s agencies and works with brands across multiple sectors including travel, food, clean tech, leisure, tech and FMCG.

Beverley Hart

Client Services Director (Scotland)


Beverley brings over 25 years of experience across agency and client-side roles working with Scotland’s top creative and brand agencies, delivering work that cuts through for public sector clients and brands big and small. Passionate about telling brand stories through film, across TV, social media, websites, and corporate films, Beverley's approach is marked by a pragmatic understanding of what works and an ability to deliver.

Nicole Clowes

Director of Business Development


Nicole’s 25 year career in driving new business began following a brief spell as a 90’s singer .Though the pop dream fizzled her interest in the creative industries remained. A natural performer she found it second nature to be front of house, pitching and networking. Armed with an infectious but curious enjoyment of meeting new people, a quirky perspective and nose for good partnerships. A self confessed Green Queen and long term Vegan, Nicole is also passionate about working with and supporting purpose-driven enterprises.

Fiona Gaiger

Planning & Insight


A long-time champion of simple and authentic communications, Fiona believes that brands have the power to influence and inspire sustainable behaviour change without compromising commercial objectives. Her strengths lie in the ability to make speedy sense of complexities and ask the questions that no one else will.

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