Plumbs TVC


Plumbs have been crafting beautiful homes for decades, loved by families around the UK and across the globe. Plumbs’ agency team, The Big Partnership commissioned Planet Shine to showcase this and to bring their ambitions for the future to life in a TV commercial.


We worked closely with Plumbs and their agency team in order to absorb their vision and bring it to life. We wanted to create a commercial that not only encapsulated their vision for the future but also maintained their reputation as one of the most respected furniture companies out there. Our amazing crew worked tirelessly but efficiently in the lead up to and across the three day shoot to ensure the Plumbs brand was showcased exactly how it deserves to be.

The first day of filming was conducted at the Plumbs’ warehouse in Preston, being immersed within the factory itself, where the magic has happened since the 1950s not only resulted in a very productive day, but also a fascinating one. For the second and third days, we selected a lovely, picturesque house situated in stunning surroundings, chosen to compliment the products selected by Plumbs to feature in the ad. This is also where the cast would be introduced, carefully selected to represent the profiles required for the target audience.


The weeks of planning and groundwork, three days of filming and further editing and finetuning time all culminated in the 30 second TVC that we are delighted to present and air on major television channels in the United Kingdom.