Organic Trade Board. Organic September


The Organic Trade Board recognised people tend to associate organic with farm animal welfare and no nasty additives. But they don’t instinctively associate it with a sustainable choice they are making for the planet. It is harder for them to make the connection that by choosing organic products, they are choosing to save biodiversity, the environment and people’s health.


We wanted to drive awareness of ‘Why Organic’ through a targeted paid media social campaign. Engaging a new eco-seeking audience to remind them if nature were able to talk, they would ask you to choose organic.

Our three hero characters: the Ladybird, the Bee and the Earth Worm, represent nature’s key workers. These creatures do the hard graft and thrive on Organic Farms and pesticides free. Without them, our food systems simply fail.

So we called on them to protest! Our placard device was used to inject humour into the campaign whilst communicating a vital organic benefit message, it’s time to Listen to Nature!

The Pre-launch Paid media tactics drive growth within these newly identified audiences to deliver a highly engaged, retargeting campaign. Alongside the petition and the chance to win a week’s worth of Organic shopping to incentivise engagement with the Organic September campaign.

The Bee was one of the Organic September hero characters


It’s still live as we speak. But already we have reached 5.9m within our selected eco seeker audience, we have achieved over 10K clicks and 3.8K post reactions, including likes, shares and comments.


Reach 3/4 of the way through the campaign


Unique watches of the video


Engaged with 100% of content