Kit & Kin. B Corp Certified


Kit & Kin is an award-winning eco nappy brand and does a lot of work to ensure their nappies are as sustainable and planet friendly as they possibly can be. In late 2021, Kit & Kin decided they wanted to submit a B Impact Assessment in the hope they could become a B Corp Certified brand.


We worked with Kit & Kin from the beginning, assisting with the set-up and completion of their first BIA (B Impact Assessment) to achieve their baseline score. We reviewed the questions and answers and highlighted the areas we could improve to achieve the required submission score (80+ points).

Through a series of workshops, we guided and supported the team at Kit & Kin to formalise processes and make any suggested changes.


We submitted Kit & Kin for the B Corp, and we are now thrilled to say that they have officially been certified with an incredible score of 91.2!

Well done, Kit & Kin. What a fantastic achievement!