Forest Holidays


Forest Holidays is a holiday like no other, offering guests a unique getaway, immersing themselves in nature by staying in luxurious lodges in the heart of the British woodlands. Forest Holidays proudly became a B Corp certified business and they wanted to convey this to the world, to truly showcase the amazing work they do to help the forest and local areas thrive and everything the company stands for. In addition to this, they wanted a brand hero film that would tell the Forest Holidays story and all that they stand for.


To create two films set within the stunning forest where nature, animals and Forest Holidays’ guests can all call home. The aim of both films was to portray the natural beauty of the location itself whilst really emphasising the ethics held throughout the company. The film was created, directed and produced by Planet Shine.


Forest Holidays B Corp Launch Video and Forest Holidays Brand Hero Film, films that tell the story of how Forest Holidays achieved B Corp status through their ethically driven business plan, passionate employees and dedication to the natural environment they are surrounded by.