Northwoods Rewilding Project

We have teamed up with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture on a major rewilding project.

We’re proud to be partnering with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture and their Northwoods Rewilding Network. The partnership will facilitate donations from clients to help finance its pipeline of rewilding projects as well as see us commit a week’s worth of time, through strategic consultancy, to help Northwoods further its aims and bring to life their purpose driven stories via written editorial and film.

The UK currently has the lowest percentage of biodiversity in all of Europe, and the rewilding project hopes to remedy that with its significant green credentials. Northwoods Rewilding Network partner, Rewilding Denmarkfield, saw a marked increase in biodiversity outcomes in one year alone, including over 99 more plant species, 22 new bird species, 43x more bees and 3x more butterflies than the year before.

Wader scrape in wetland habitat at sunrise, Scotland.

Further research states that restoring and protecting native woodland, peatbogs, heaths, and species-rich grasslands over a total of six million hectares could sequester up to 47million tonnes of CO2 per year – more than 10% of current UK greenhouse gas emission.

Our Founder and CEO, Rachel, had this to say about the new partnership “Letting nature guide us in terms of how we live our lives, how we work and do business and how we interact with other species and with the natural environment is the key to the future of humanity and the planet. If we follow nature, we survive. Nothing else matters and what we’re doing with Northwoods is exactly that. Brands who are brave and who align with nature will not only play a critical role in saving the planet but will open up new opportunities for growth whilst staking their claim in the future.”

Where appropriate, brands who have donated to the cause, can experience first-hand the impact their involvement is having through facilitated learning tours of the Northwoods Rewilding Network. If you’d like to find out more about the partnership, including how your brand can get involved and support, please get in touch at

"Against the backdrop of a climate and nature emergency, the role of businesses in returning abundance and diversity of life to our nature-depleted land and seas, has never been more critical. We are delighted that PlanetShine has stepped up to this challenge and chosen to make rewilding their business."

Peter Cairns, Executive Director, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

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