Planet Shine


Film is the most powerful form of communication, empowering brands to communicate authentically with their audience whilst entertaining, educating and inspiring citizens.

We believe that brands can create amazing content whilst also protecting the planet!  

We have developed a team that encompasses a wealth of experience in feature films, music videos, high end TVCs and content production for some of the world’s most planet friendly and well-known brands. 

Planet Shine Creative Collective

We have brought together filmmakers, directors, producers and content creators from all around the world.

Planet Shine around the world

Our US VP of content, Asher Brown, works with brands, influencers and celebrities from our studio on the West Coast to deliver powerful films and messages whilst our VP of content in UAE, Jemise Jordan, leads Planet Shine from Dubai and works with some of the leading and most progressing brands in the Middle East.

Create amazing content, whilst protecting the planet.

Planet Shine Studios strives to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production and give back to the planet through regeneration initiatives. We work with brands who want to grow in alignment with the planet and who want to create content using ethical production practices.

Above all we love to bring brand stories to life that have a dual purpose, elevating a brand’s position in the market – increasing opportunities and driving growth – and acting as a force for good, encouraging your audiences to live in alignment with the planet.