Chris Gaffey

About Chris

Chris tells stories. Sometimes whoppers. 

He began his career as a designer and storyboard artist and following 15 years as an award-winning Art Director and Creative Director, Chris slipped into the Director’s Chair in 2003 when no one was looking and he has continued his craft there since, creating films for international brands and screens of all sizes. 

Chris has shot in Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas and has a particular passion for sport. Alongside athletes and actors he also enjoys coaching performances from kids, animals and other forms of unpredictable chaos. His polished work often combines live action with CG, VFX and his technical expertise encompasses hi speed, aerial, green screen and motor crane cinematography. 

Chris takes no joy from anything done half-hearted and his favourite things are Northern Soul, talking and drinking. Ideally all at the same time.